Why run for Saveathon 2019?

Are you looking forward to make your next race count by running for your favourite cause? Then Saveathon 2019 could be the destination for you. With Saveathon 2019 you can turn your passion for running into an awareness spreading activity.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on this ‘Green’ journey and show the world how much determination you are putting into the cause that matters to you.

1.     Saveathon-2019 gives you the right reason to run – Signing-up to run for a cause gives you many more reasons to run your race! When you run for a cause like ‘Spread the Green,’ you are also raising awareness and running for everyone who supports the cause! 

2.     Gives you a well-defined purpose – ‘For every kilometre you run, we are going to plant a tree’ – this being the motto for Saveathon-2019, gives you a greater purpose to participate and support the cause.   

3.      You can be a part of the best running team – Participate in Saveathon-2019 and get a chance to rub shoulders with some of the best ambassadors supporting the Green cause. And who knows, you might end up making great friends too! 

4.      Green cause will motivate you to train harder – When you don’t feel like training. think about your future generation and how they will be effected with this green building cause. This will get you motivated.

Sign up today and start making the miles you cover, time spent in training, calories burned in the process count for a cause, much closer to your heart.  

‘Let’s run to spread the Green.’

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